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Veterinarian in Fort Myers


When you are looking for a veterinarian in Fort Myers, there are a lot of options to choose from. While the vast majority of them are passionate about providing high-quality care for their patients, it can still be difficult to find one who is a perfect fit for your family. After all, entrusting your beloved companion’s care to someone is a big decision! At Colonial Animal Hospital, we understanding the challenges that pet parents face when searching for a vet and strive to be the best veterinarian in Fort Myers. We provide a wide range of services for dogs and cats as well as exotic and avian pets, and we would be thrilled to have your pet as our newest patient! 


Our Services 

As a full-service animal hospital, we provide all of the services your pet needs in one convenient location. From routine wellness exams, vaccinations, and microchips to soft-tissue surgery, health certificates, emergency services, and more, we do it all! We even provide professional grooming services. 

One thing that sets us apart from many of our local competitors is that we don’t exclusively treat dogs and cats. In addition to caring for your canine and feline patients, we are also equipped to provide services for a wide range of avian and exotic animals. If you have a unique or unusual pet, we are likely equipped to treat them. The only animals we don’t treat are those with hooves. 

Veterinarian in Fort Myers

If you are searching for a trusted veterinarian in Fort Myers, look no further than Colonial Animal Hospital. We are proud to offer high-quality services for a wide range of animal species, and we would love to have your pet as our newest patient. To find out more about our services or to schedule your companion’s first appointment, please contact our friendly office staff today. 


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(239) 541-0726
Colonial Animal Hospital provide a wide range of services for pets in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas.

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