When it comes to planning a litter, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration. In order to produce quality animals, increase the rate of conception, maximize litter size, and ensure the safety of the mother, great care must be taken during the breeding process.

While natural breeding is often the preferred method, it is not an option in every situation. In these instances, artificial insemination (AI) may be necessary. At Colonial Animal Hospital, we provide a wide range of breeding and artificial insemination services for animal owners in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida.
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We can assist with all aspects of breeding/AI aside from semen storage and shipping. Our team provides standing and surgical artificial insemination, semen collection for insemination, and quality checks. We also provide C-sections at a cost that is significantly lower than you will find anywhere else in the region.
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Artificial insemination offers numerous benefits. It reduces many of the potential risks associated with breeding, and it gives animal owners a greater degree of control over the process. At Colonial Animal Hospital, we are here to assist with animal breeding and artificial insemination in Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Estero, and the surrounding areas throughout Southwest Florida. To request additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.


Companion Animal Hospital offers animal breeding and artificial insemination in Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Sanibel, Bonita, Naples, and throughout Southwest Florida.